Frequently Asked Questions

I’m an open book. If you don’t see an answer for a question you have, reach out!

I know some folks have reservations about how much to spend, what they need, and what is essential for the best wedding day experience. Below are some FAQs that relate to photography on your wedding day.

Should I book an engagement session?

Engagement sessions are a perfect practice run for the portrait session of your wedding day. Make it a date night. Get dressed to the nines, get some great food and drinks, and even schedule a trail run for your hair and makeup. Almost all of the couples that I work with say that they’ve never been photographed before, and engagement sessions are a perfect way to rip off that bandaid before the big day. It’s also a great way to meet your photographer (ME!) before your actual wedding day.

Do I need a second shooter?

This is not a straight answer. Let me give you some perspective. I shoot 80% of my weddings on my own. It’s not because I do not play nice with others, but it’s because I make it work with couples. Second shooters are great (and almost necessary) if the bride and groom are getting ready in two different geographic locations and want both of those getting ready photos photographed without paying for extra hours on their main photographer. If both the bride and groom are getting ready at the same hotel/house/building, I gotchu.

How many hours of photography should I book?

Again, not a simple answer. My short answer is always to think of your photographer’s timeline like this: what is the first thing you want photographed, and what is the last thing you want photographed? Then do the math in between to figure out how many hours that is. One thing you should account for is travel time. It should be built into your timeline, and it counts towards the total amount of time that your photographer is there. So yes, if your day contains an hour of travel time between hotel to ceremony to photo location to venue, that’s an hour that you’re paying your photographer to just travel.

Who is going to actually shoot my wedding?

Unless you booked a second shooter, I (Jason Verdin) will be the only person photographing your wedding. There are some studio teams in the Chicagoland area that pass off work to associate photographers, and there are some studios that send out a mass email to all of the photographers that they subcontract to any time a couple books with them (I have shot for some of them). I really don’t like that model because you actually do not know who will end up shooting your wedding until after you’ve signed with them, so I’ve stayed as a team of myself and a couple of friends that I trust to second shoot with.

I really like muted greens and/or vibrant colors. Can you make my photos look like that?

Color is an interesting debate in the wedding industry, and one of the many reasons that separates one photographer from the next is how they choose to edit color. I am a true to color editor because I believe that the choices that you made preparing for your wedding day should be the results of the photos that I am delivering. Because my goal is for you to relive your wedding day, I want you to remember it as it looked, not by what I’m capable of doing on a computer.

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