Planning a Wedding in Aurora, IL?

Wedding location photos and descriptions featuring a real bride, groom, and wedding for anyone planning on photographing a wedding in Aurora, IL.
December 17, 2019/by jayvphotography

Chicago, Il | Loyola University Wedding

Jay V Photography captures a beautiful wedding at Loyola University in Chicago, IL. Click here to see the photos!
August 14, 2019/by jayvphotography

“And They Said it Would Rain” – Lawrence Wedding at Pottawatomie Park

June 23, 2019/by jayvphotography

Loufek Wedding at The Morton Arboretum

March 24, 2019/by jayvphotography

Konchar Wedding at the City Gate Grille

November 23, 2018/by jayvphotography

A Night to Remember: A Photography Studio, a New Family, and House Music

When I first met with the couple, Sal and Miriam, I wasn't quite…
March 8, 2018/by jayvphotography

A New Years Eve Wedding

January 2, 2018/by jayvphotography