About Jason Verdin

Being a high school English teacher, it’s no wonder that I developed a love for  stories. Stories are embedded in our minds, and they almost always have an image to go along with them. Some of my earliest memories, or stories, have been documented in photos, and I probably would not remember them had they not been. I aspire to capture those moments for you: seeing your bride for the first time at your wedding, laughing with your child as they say something funny, and capturing the emotions as you look at your new child.

I specialize in using natural lighting and have a blended style of traditional and photojournalistic photos. I’ve traveled as far north as Milwaukee for a wedding, and as far south as Clearwater Beach, Florida. There is no limit to where I will go to capture your story. I will cater to your needs and will not bog you down with packages that are inflexible and constricting. Not one wedding, family, or child is alike, so why would I offer the exact same package to every person?
I’d love to meet or talk with you and get the ball rolling. Feel free to contact me at no obligation. If you have any questions, there are no silly questions, feel free to ask me through a phone call or fill out a form and send it to my email.