About the Photographer

I’m a high school English teacher, so all of that time I spend wrangling teenagers and getting them to do work helps me out when I’m directing your wedding party for photos. I love being a teacher, and I love the flexibility it gives me to pursue another passion of mine: photography. 

Both my students and my clients say that they love how laid back I am, but I know when to turn it on and get the party going on your wedding day. I’m comfortable directing large groups of people and telling people what they need to do (again…teaching). I’ve had the pleasure of photographing engagements + weddings for the past decade, and I love looking at photos from my early days and seeing the growth that has happened. I’m constantly investing in my business, whether it’s through how I contact clients, deliver photos, or take classes to better my craft and business. My goal is to make sure that clients get the best experience on their wedding day.


This is us. No not the never ending flashback series on NBC, but this is my family. They are why I work as hard as I do. Claira, my wife, and our two kids, Logan and Evylyn, are my world. I balance two careers while I learn and attempt to be the best husband and father possible. Not only are you supporting a small business, but you are also supporting my family.

Thank you.


Emily's and Joe's wedding at Venuti's in Addison, IL was the first wedding on the path back to "normal.” It was so refreshing to see many enjoy the day!
March 13, 2021/by jayvphotography
Kristina and Anthony won a free session giveaway. Just outside of Naperville, they're couples engagement session at St. James Farm in Wheaton was great.
March 10, 2021/by jayvphotography
Lindsay and Christian's wedding in Madison, Wisconsin featured a beautiful winter wedding backdrop. Hoping now to shoot winter weddings in Naperville.
February 5, 2021/by jayvphotography
Nate and Rachel got married in a backyard in the middle of a pandemic. They hosted a beautiful backyard wedding in Lisle and totally made it their own.
October 3, 2020/by jayvphotography
The Keenans celebrated their wedding day on a beautiful September day in Richmond, Wisconsin. Terrace 167, provided a beautiful rustic touch to their day
September 30, 2020/by jayvphotography
Joe and Angela host their wedding on a boat in beautiful Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Summer COVID wedding that had a small number of guests in attendance.
September 26, 2020/by jayvphotography
Love in the time of COVID. Karen + Ryan pulled the trigger and had their wedding on their terms. Their backyard wedding in Aurora was beautiful.
August 17, 2020/by jayvphotography
Love in the time of COVID. Joe + Elena pulled the trigger and had their wedding on their terms. Their photos in downtown Aurora are beautiful.
August 16, 2020/by jayvphotography
Jay V Photography. Small intimate wedding in Aurora, Illinois. COVID changed their plans, but they still found ways to celebrate in their backyard wedding.
July 27, 2020/by jayvphotography
Jay V Photography. Small elopement wedding in Downtown Naperville, Illinois. The bride and groom made the most of the weather.
March 27, 2020/by jayvphotography
Jay V Photography captures a wedding with a beautiful bride at the iconic Danada House in Wheaton, IL. Beautiful wedding with natural light used.
November 30, 2019/by jayvphotography
Jay V Photography captures a wedding of a bride and groom at St. Peter and Paul church in Naperville. Reception then followed at Riverside Receptions in Geneva, IL.
November 24, 2019/by jayvphotography