I studied literature in college, so it’s no wonder that I developed a love for stories. Stories are embedded in our minds: they almost always have an image to go along with them. Some of my earliest memories, or stories, have been documented in photos, and I probably would not remember them had they not been. I aspire to capture those moments for you: seeing your bride for the first time at your wedding, spending time with your loved ones, and turning it up on the dance floor.


I support all types of love and people that are in love. Size, shape, gender, race or sexuality should not limit whether or not someone would photograph your wedding. I’m an advocate for the LGBTQ+ community and have photographed several weddings in that community. 

Be nice, people.


I love it when couples meet with me and say “We’ll I’ve never been married, so I don’t know how to plan my wedding.” I will help guide you to what you need on your wedding day by offering my advice, whether that is with a timeline, important photos, or even planning things outside of photography. I will always let you know that, ultimately, the choice is yours. I won’t be intrusive in my approach of suggestions, and I definitely will always listen to your ideas.


I start at $2800 | I realize there are photographers in my area that photograph for less, but I believe I’m a worthy investment because of my experience and talent. With that being said, I NEVER want to turn away a couple simply based on price. Elopement, Friday wedding, or off season wedding? We can work something out! I just have to make sure that at the end of the day I can pay my bills that keep me in business and be profitable.


It may seem exhausting, but I have my couples fill out a form that lists their most important photos of the day. I want to take note of that to make sure that nothing is missed on your wedding day. Whether you want photos of the $5 bottles of Trader Joe’s wine you spent months drinking to make table numbers out of cork, or you want ALL the photos of you dancing at your wedding, I will make sure to capture what is most important to YOU.


I’d love for you to read my reviews and see what actual couples think of me. Feel free to visit my storefront on The Knot, or you can even read some highlighted reviews here.