Miriam + Sal | Trigger Studio | Chicago, IL

When I first met with the couple, Sal and Miriam, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when they told me that their wedding and reception was going to be in a photography studio. I even looked at Trigger Chicago’s website to see how other people have photographed weddings there, but it isn’t necessarily a wedding space, so understandably, there aren’t a ton of wedding photos on their website.

What I did see upon arriving at the space was that this was going to be an intimate wedding. There were maybe 7 rows of chairs available with about 10 chairs in each row. Every chair was filled, and the space was even filled to standing room only. It is such a joy to see so many people attending the ceremony and not just the reception. It shows the impact and care that the couple has on so many people. The ceremony was special too. The bride was walked down the aisle by her two sons, and her daughter was one of the flower girls. There was a beautiful moment shared with all attending where the family showed their union through the pouring of sands. This is usually something that I’ve seen couples do to show their union, but when children are involved, it is even more momentous.

One of my worries was where to take photos outside during the cocktail hour. Trigger is on the north side of Chicago, and since it is street level, there aren’t any great ways to get the Chicago skyline as a backdrop. There is a park that is just down the street, but parking isn’t ideal since it is mostly neighborhood parking. I always scout locations before a wedding, but due to the unpredictable Chicago weather, I wasn’t sure if it was going to snow on a March 3rd wedding date, or if we were going to have 60 degree days like we did in late February. I got lucky with a beautiful clear sky, so lighting during the golden hour was perfect. We didn’t even need a special location for photos. I used my 70-200mm (which has become my favorite new purchase) to focus in on the couple and play with the lighting. We ending up doing photos right outside of the front door and in the back alley. I don’t think I have ever been able to say that in the past and be totally proud of the way the photos turned out, but I think these are beautiful. Of course a beautiful bride with a gorgeous veil and an extremely stylish groom with a plaid burgundy/mauve jacket would make anyone’s portraits spectacular.

During the ceremony, someone had referenced that Sal and Miriam wanted it to feel like a good old house party, accompanied by house music of course. That is exactly what happened during the reception. After the traditional dances, again which were beautiful because Miriam danced with her boys, the DJ started spinning house music that brought all attendees out in droves. With each new song that was blended in, the crowd cheered as they danced the night away to the nostalgia of a Chicago music staple. This was definitely a wedding to remember.

Congratulations to Miriam and Sal!