Happy New Year! It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything new on here; it’s actually been since November. Whoops. With the holiday season, I lose track of time in order to keep up with personal ventures and blog posts. As my Christmas break is winding down to an end, I found some time to update you all on the most recent engagement that was captured. 

A friend of mine had asked me to photograph his upcoming engagement after reading a previous blog post. This one was a bit of a challenge because of the time of year. With this taking place in December, I was short on daylight. He planned on proposing around 5pm, which is already in the dark in December. Doug, my friend, had taken this into account and friends and family helped him set up a tressle earlier in the day. The Christmas lights and candles in the background were also a nice touch that he had people set up as well.

The prep work for this event was quite a bit. There were a couple of detailed video messages of how to get to the location, some of which included Doug driving a truck down a path that I’m not sure he was allowed to drive down. Doug treated Caitlin to a wonderful day in downtown Geneva. There were Snapchat updates all day on their wonderful dates, but Caitlin had no idea what would transpire in the evening. Doug even organized and reserved the backroom of a restaurant for friends to take part in the surprise filled day.

I worked with a videographer, who happened to be Doug’s roommate, to capture this special moment. While the videographer was capturing everything from the front, I snuck around back and was able to capture everything with a nice rim light effect. This was a bit a challenge because of the darkness, and I didn’t want my photos to come out too grainy. In the end, I realized that a photo taken in focus with a bit of grain is better than a photo that wasn’t taken. There was definitely some editing that had to happen in after these were taken.

After the proposal, in which she of course said yes, we had ourselves a mini photo shoot with friends and family joining in on the surprise. We went to the “right side” of the light for a different look on the photos.

Once again, Geneva, IL was the spot for this beautiful capture, and the location of the entire day for Doug and Caitlin. These photos were taken on Island Park, which is in the downtown Geneva area and has a beautiful walkway, bridge, and open area that is great for photoshoots.

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