I’ve had the pleasure of being in homes for my past two photo shoots. Coincidentally, they have both been for baby photo shoots. I love it: I don’t have to worry if it’s going to be too cold in this crazy Chicago climate; I don’t have to worry about rain since we’re gearing up for April showers. All I need is the comfort of someone’s home, my camera, and beautiful smiling faces (a nice big window for natural light helps, too).

I feel as if these photo shoots qualify as lifestyle photo shoots more than they do portrait shoots. Of course I can’t give a baby directions on how to pose, where to look, when to smile, and when to stop crying, so I take pictures of just about every moment that is happening: the crying, the soothing, and everything in-between. I will toss in some posed family photos as well, but then I try to capture the “second shot” or whatever is happening between each photo. Don’t get me wrong: I loved babies being adorably posed that would make anyone coo or say “aww,” but there is something about capturing the natural sleep and being in a baby, especially when I have the pleasure of comparing a newborn to when they are three months old. Before I know it, I’ve left someone’s home with over 900 photos to go through.

Maybe it’s because I’m gearing up to become a father (my wife and I are expecting our first in June), but I’m in love with these baby photo shoots. It’s incredible to see how precious these little ones are. I try to capture every last detail that I know is going to change: their little toes, noses, eyes, and hands. I know my little boy or girl is going to be one of the most photographed babies in the world. I’ll try not to clog your newsfeeds and timelines with daily updates, unless of course, you want to see those photos.

Here are some glimpses into the last two photo shoots that I’ve had. Feel free to share, or tell your friends and family about me. I’m quickly finding out that having a baby is expensive, especially later in life, so I’m really going to need this photography gig to pan out…😉


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