Konchar Wedding at the City Gate Grille

I had a special feeling when I first met Pete and Nicole. We met up at a Starbucks in Naperville, and I had asked some preliminary questions getting to know them. Eventually, I asked them something that I was dying to know. I’m going to sound a bit selfish when I state this, but my question was “How did you hear about me?”

I had recently started advertising on The Knot, which was something I was super pensive about doing. It isn’t cheap, and I kept thinking: what if I am not getting business not because I lack advertising, but because I lack talent. I think it’s natural to experience this feeling whenever there is a lull in business. They told me that they search for me online, and one of the aspects that came up was that I was an affordable photographer in the Naperville area that was also listed on The Knot. Score one for advertising!

Anyway, enough about myself. Let’s talk about Pete and Nicole. From meeting them at Starbucks, to photographing them for an engagement session that they didn’t need, to their wedding day at the City Gate Grille, I loved getting to know them and picking up on bits and pieces of their relationship. A huge shout out to them for this: they planned a wedding in 5 months! It can be done. It wasn’t just a throw everything together and pray that it works kind of wedding, either. It was beautiful and well done. When they first booked me, I was very surprised that they were booking me for a wedding within the same year. Most wedding experts say that the first thing you book is the venue and the second is the photographer. I’m so glad I had the availability to capture their wedding day.

We were blessed with a beautiful clear sky and warm September temps on their wedding day. It was perfect for their first look, outdoor ceremony, and outdoor photos. I loved that their reverend was a family friend and the father of one of Pete’s groomsmen. It’s always great to have that person be someone meaningful and close to the family. The reception space at the City Gate Grille is elegant, and from a vendor’s perspective, the food looked delicious (I was treated to a Mediterranean wrap that was also tasty). It was great that everything for the wedding day, from the first look to the couples portrait session, could be completed all on one site. It definitely saved some time and relieved any sort of anxiety about having to travel to take photos on their wedding day.

Here are some of the highlights of their engagement photos from late summer along with the highlights of their wedding day! Enjoy!