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Preparing for a Photography Session

I’ve never really thought about this idea that clients need to prepare for a photo shoot. I do have a couple of reminders that I tell clients when I meet them, but I never thought to be more extensive about the tips that I give them before their shoot. I was listening to a podcast […]


Lifestyle Baby Photo Shoots

I’ve had the pleasure of being in homes for my past two photo shoots. Coincidentally, they have both been for baby photo shoots. I love it: I don’t have to worry if it’s going to be too cold in this crazy Chicago climate; I don’t have to worry about rain since we’re gearing up for April […]


Surprise Engagement in Geneva

Happy New Year! It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything new on here; it’s actually been since November. Whoops. With the holiday season, I lose track of time in order to keep up with personal ventures and blog posts. As my Christmas break is winding down to an end, I found some time to […]


Capturing Surprise Engagements…

To the people that know them, Joey and Savannah go together like peanut butter and jelly. They’ve been together for 5 years, and I think the pressure has been on Joey for a bit for when he was going to “finally” ask the question. The pressure is understandable. My wife and I dated for just […]

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Watching Families Grow

One of the best aspects of being a photographer is getting to see your clients grow. Watching newborns grow up and document their first steps is beautiful, but watching a family grow can be inspirational. I’m always very humbled and honored when couples take a chance on me to document their weddings, especially for the couples early in […]


Aracelly’s Senior Portraits

Senior pictures can be some of the more difficult, and sometimes dreaded, photo sessions to shoot. Some seniors are taking portraits because their parents are forcing them to while others take them because they want to remember the nostalgia of growing up and transitioning into adulthood. The difficulty with many senior portraits is that there is not […]


The Importance of Engagement Photo Shoots

Along with all of the emotions, questions, and stir craziness of wedding planning, newly engaged couples have a decision to make before they make their official announcement: do we take engagement pictures?  Many couples elect to take their own engagement pictures either through a family friend that is offering it as a favor, setting up […]