Senior pictures can be some of the more difficult, and sometimes dreaded, photo sessions to shoot. Some seniors are taking portraits because their parents are forcing them to while others take them because they want to remember the nostalgia of growing up and transitioning into adulthood. The difficulty with many senior portraits is that there is not a lot of energy to feed off. At a wedding, there are so many emotions and moments to capture. Engagement photos show the bliss of new love and the energy between the couples. Family photos flourish through the interaction of family. Special events always have something going on to photograph. At a senior portrait, it is just the photographer and the model.


Aracelly threw out any and all concerns that I had going into this session. She is her own source of energy, and the laughs, smiles, and joy beam through her portraits. Chelly-42

I was a bit nervous when she said she wanted her pictures done in Downtown Chicago. The hustle and bustle of the city can be a great background for photographs, but it can also interfere and cause photos to become too busy. Careful when choosing a location; we were lucky enough to snag some shots in some less traveled portions of Millennium Park, and we were able to gain enough higher ground so that people were either behind or below us. Chelly-43

If the situational awkwardness of senior portraits is of any concern, here is a tip: have them bring friends. It can make for a great shot and a great memory of best friends in high school, and if the model is ever looking stiff or unnatural, you can always rely on their friends to make them laugh and break the discomfort of being photographed.
Chelly-69 Chelly-82 Chelly-126

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