At the request of the couple, I’ve been holding on to these gems for quite some time. Finally, their wedding day came, and they gave me the okay to post these once they were married. This was such a fun day in Chicago. Both the couple and I had done our research on locations that we wanted to photograph, and we were off to start photographing. We started at the courthouse where they obtained their marriage licence, and we walked down Clark to the Chicago Board of Trade building. We knew that we wanted that as the background for some of the photos, and we were in for some fun with cars driving by honking their horns and congratulating the couple.

From there, we hopped in a taxi and requested to go the Kinzie bridge. Our taxi driver, possibly feeling somewhat creative himself, took us to the array of bridges on Wacker. We spent most of our time on those bridges capturing the beauty of couple and the architecture of the city. We started on the N Orleans bridge and walked walked underneath the bridges along the river as well to get a different perspective of the city eventually making our way to the Lake Street bridge. There are so many hidden gems in Chicago that I love discovering every time I photograph down there. 

One of my favorite shots came on the Lake street bridge. In a quick traffic break, we ran out there and captured this moment. The construction crews were holding up traffic, so we had some extra time on there. I just love how the L frames this picture.  After the bridges, we made our way to Millennium Park to capture some of the new, cool architecture in Chicago. I felt a bit like a tourist with my camera in hand capturing all of the architecture in the city, but it is such a beautiful city that continues to amaze me.
Finally we ended up at the iconic Chicago Theater marquee. There’s nothing that says Chicago like a literal marquee that says Chicago.

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