elton-40-1 Vern and Rosie: they are the epitome of love, sacrifice, and commitment to one another. Their beautiful, quaint, and surprise vow renewal ceremony was perfect for them.


Their marriage has been such a blessing to everyone around them. They have been through and have conquered so much, and it seems as if their marriage and dedication to one another never went off track. I’ve been blessed because of their son, who was also the best man at my wedding, and I know that anyone that knows anyone from the Elton clan can say the same thing. What they have created is a family that continues to give and sacrifice and is the embodiment of Jesus. I could not love the Elton family any more.


From the beautiful, homemade decorations, to the symbolic ring exchanged, and to the perfect vow renewals conducted by their own son-in-law, this ceremony was one that will never be forgotten. Congrats to Vern and RoseAnn. Cheers to a lifetime of celebration and anniversaries to come.





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